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Howdy Folks! After waiting very patiently for my husband to set up a web page for my son for almost a year I figured it was high time that I took matters into my own hands. Introducing our Family Blog! I hope to get on here fairly regularly to let you all know about the adventures of our family and to post the latest pic's of Atticus. Stay tuned ...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lilydale Show

Granny & Grumpy took Atticus to the Lilydale Show on the weekend but not before picking up a fly net for his face on the way. I think he must be very tasty indeed as he is the biggest bug magnet I've ever seen! Even when we smother him with aeroguard the mossies still attack him and it's typical that he's mildly allergic to them!

In other news we've been having a couple of jealousy issues of late with Atticus becoming increasing aggressive towards his sister. Yesterday he said to me "Look Mum Josie's foot", waited until I was looking and then stood on it! Another favourite is "Look Mum Josie is a chair" as he sits on her. Charming! Any suggestions on how to deal with this lovely behaviour is more than welcome. I know I'm really supposed to ignore it and not react but that can be a bit hard when he's sitting on the baby!


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